Sunday Worship

Worship services are live and in-person at 10:00 Sunday mornings. They are also streamed on Facebook Live for those who are unable to attend in person.
We are an open and welcoming congregation–everyone is invited. Please come as you are! We have a dedicated choir (presently not active) and talented musicians.
Children are encouraged to join in the worship, which includes a children’s sermon. Nursery is included for children under 5 years old throughout the service. Children in grades K-5 attend Kids’ Time in the latter half of the service.
Please remember, if you know some church folks who have internet access BUT NO FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, please direct them to the website: The first thing they will see is the “Home” page. Right under the word “Home,” it says, ”Click here for video of this week’s service.” They simply need to click the word “here.”
A Facebook page will pop up, and they will see a video screen. It might buffer for a few seconds, but then they’ll see Pastor Sheth!
So please…tell your non-Facebook friends how to find the message. We look forward to worshipping with you Sunday!