Who We Are

The people are First Presbyterian are unapologetically diverse. We are black, white, and everything in-between. We are rich, poor, and stubbornly middle class. We are young, old, and defying age. We are as different as we are alike. We are united in love. The love we learned from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are welcoming to all. We want to get to know you.

The people of First Presbyterian…
Nearly 125 years old, First Presbyterian has an integrated congregation and stands out for closely reflecting our community demographic makeup.

With the help of Presbytery we are able to conduct an extensive outreach program in our neighborhood. We operate a food bank serving the immediate neighborhood, Christian education and fun activities for the youth and children of the community. We host summer mission groups, who paint and clean up areas in the community while developing relations with people they may not otherwise come to know.

While many of the mainline churches have moved out from the inner city setting of Benton Harbor, we have consciously chosen to remain here, where we feel we are called. We are a very self-reliant group with an effective committee structure of committed individuals. We have learned to focus our outreach programs to allow our members to provide leadership and oversight through the Outreach Committee.