Summer Programs

Summer Leadership Program
Pioneered by George Barfield as a summer program for the young leaders at nearby Morton School, the program has expanded with new leadership from Gentry Phillips and Julie Brien. The new class of middle schoolers is starting up later this June. The program has expanded beyond Morton School and is welcoming applicants from the entire community to help build bridges of reconciliation as it grows the leaders of tomorrow. The follow up program with I’m Saving Myself Music Academy and Boys & Girls Club of Benton Harbor (as well as First Presbyterian) continues the growth throughout the next school year.

Summer Work Camps
Each summer First Presbyterian hosts groups from around the country who do service projects around Benton Harbor. Groups stay at the Church and work with the church staff to commune with, work with and invest in the people in or near Benton Harbor.

Contact the Church for more information.  Phone: (269) 925-7075,  Email: