The Congregation is blessed with excellent leadership!

The Reverend Scott Paul-Bonham is our Transitional Pastor. Scott is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary, and pastored two churches in Arkansas before taking a position as Chaplain for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We’re excited to have him as our interim pastor!





Cheryl Schadler and Susan Burkholtz accompany our worship services on piano and organ.






Music Minister
Nancy Thompson leads the adult choir. She loves to empower musicians in using their talents to worship vocally or instrumentally. Music can deepen faith and build community with one another.


headshotMinister for Youth and Children
Julie Kelly has worked with children and youth for over 20 years. In her free time, Julie enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, and making crafts.




Office Administrator
Linda DeSutter serves as the church office guru.

Lee Hamilton and Charase Dorsey (pictured below) are our custodians.




Ruling Elders
The spiritual leadership of the church is the Elder Session, a group of volunteers elected by the congregation. Our most recently elected elders are Charase Dorsey, Shirley Hagelberg-Klemish, and Katherine Loveless Durant.


Trustees are devoted to the building and the financial concerns of the church. Terry Allen is our head trustee.